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Huge range of stainless steel pipe fittings in pakistan. next day delivery on pakistan orders. ss butt weld pipe fittings in both 304 and 316 stainless steel, stainless steel weld fittings, long radius bend, elbow pipe fitting, stainless steel elbow, ss tee fittings
Ppr supply is your number one source for pp-rct pipe, ppr fittings, and ppr fusion equipment.
Pipes & fittings the bloodline of your home should not be so inexpensive that it leaks or breaks at slightest of pressure, crumbling the entire infrastructure. therefore, we request our customers to take genuine interest into the safety of their homes to make them truly reliable.
Pipe fitting an elbow is a pipe fitting which is used as a connection point between two lengths of pipes to produce a change in the direction of flow in the pipe, usually at an angle of 90°, 45° or 180°.


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