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Aug 30, 2014 · plastic plumbing pipes quality ppr- fittings wholesale price list product code size wh/s price (kshs)per piece equal socket th-1125 s20 10 s25 12 s32 17 s40 36 s50 38 s63 equal elbow 90⁰ th-1126 l20 12 l25 17 []
Ppr characteristics such as elasticity, compressive strength and high temperature resistance make it one of the most technologically advanced systems available. ppr systems are available in a wide range of pipes sizes and fittings from 20mm to 160mm.
About harwal group companies. harwal group is an international manufacturing conglomerate with an annual conversion capacity of 200,000 metric tons of plastic and 20,000 tons of aluminum and steel.
Ppr pipe and fittings are designed to withstand constant temperature up to 70°c. the services life expectancy depends on the installed system pressure and pressure changes. even though the service life expectancy of the pipes is more than 50 years, a permanent temperature rise from 70°c to 90°c will accordingly reduce the


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