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An elbow is a pipe fitting which is widly used as a connection point between two lengths of pipes to produce a change in the direction of flow in the pipe, usually at an angle of 90° (90 degree), 45°(45 degree) or 180° (180 degree). elbow pipe fitting are also commonly referred as bends, and are available in a range of materials such as ...
Landee pipe fitting is a leading company in pipe fitting industry. landee satisfies your every requirement for pipe fitting such as piping bend, cap, coupling, elbow, reducer, stub end, tee, olet, joint, gasket etc. and we release one new model every month.
Ppr fitting emipipe ppr 45° elbow din16962 used as a concealed network inside bathrooms & kitchens. in addition, as raisers from the roof water tanks through the shafts connected with loops above the false ceiling. also, inside baths used as hot and cold water rings connected by pipe-in-pipe system (pex) to the sanitary wares faucets.
Ppr 45 degree elbow the rehome pp-r pipes and fittings has the advantages of health, environmental protection, high strength and light weight,corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall and no scale, easy construction and easy maintenance, long life and other advantages,which can be widely used in home field in the area of water supply system. ...


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